Cables - Purple


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KnitPro cables are resilient, flexible and lay flat, with no kinking or twisting – easy to store. They have a smooth join, enabling stitches to slide around needles effortlessly. A long, threaded screw-in “join” ensures that needles stay connected.

The accompanying “key” facilitates effortless tightening and end caps easily fit on the ends of the cables and keep your knitting safe.

Package contains 1 cable, 2 end caps and 1 key with each set. The cable lengths indicate the final length of the circular needle (the cable plus the tips), not the length of the cable itself.

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* Calculated for jersey stitch knit. You need more wool for garter stitch, ribbed, braids and many other stitches. This is an estimate. Your project may require more or less wool. We advise you to buy a ball or two extra to make sure you have enough of it. See return policy.