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Traditionally used in upholstery, the knotted point is a simple craft technique with which you can create beautiful surfaces and textures by knotting strands of wool over a mesh. Julie Robert offers you original designs of tapestries, carpets, cushions and other accessories as well as the techniques, tricks and tips that will allow you to shape your own creations.

—Materials and techniques: know the basic tools of the knotted point and the fundamental techniques to make threads, knot them and read the diagrams of the drawings.

—18 projects: make incredible proposals that go from the tapestry-fox or the bimaterial tapestry to a rafi lamp and all kinds of cushions.

—Patterns and step-by-step instructions: includes full-size color diagrams, and step-by-step instructions.

Discover your artistic ability through the knotted point!

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* Calculated for jersey stitch knit. You need more wool for garter stitch, ribbed, braids and many other stitches. This is an estimate. Your project may require more or less wool. We advise you to buy a ball or two extra to make sure you have enough of it. See return policy.