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460m/ 100gr
by hand

Manchelopis is made from 100% manchego wool. With its heathered colors and its unspun plies, these “manchego cheeses” are very light, very soft and of the highest quality. Perfect for giving a special touch to your handmade projects.

The "cheeses" are made up of 2 strands and can be knit double, just as it comes. This makes a thicker fabric and gives more strength to the yarn.  You can also knit it with a single strand, in which case you have to be careful as the yarn is fragile and can break easily. However, the fabric produced is extremely light and pleasant. Each 100gr cheese has 230m (using a double strand) or 460m (using a single strand).

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* Calculated for jersey stitch knit. You need more wool for garter stitch, ribbed, braids and many other stitches. This is an estimate. Your project may require more or less wool. We advise you to buy a ball or two extra to make sure you have enough of it. See return policy.