Blocking kit


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Do you have space problems at home that prevent you from blocking your shawls? Lace blocking wire kit is the solution because it allows you to store all the blocking equipment in a simple tubular case of 98 cm long by 2 in diameter.

Contains 15 stainless steel cables for locking: 6 of 95 cm. + 6 cables of 50 cm + 3 flexible cables of 95 cm. Plus 20 T-pins and a tape measure

These are saviours for knitters and also crocheters..!!! I love them ! They make my life easier whether i crochet a doily or knit a lacey stole.. 

  • Pack of 15 stainless steel wires
  • Slip the wire through the edges of your lace project and place pins along the inside of the wires to hold them in place while the lace dries
  • All wires are stainless steel and rust resistant
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