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Every person who enters the world of crochet becomes addicted. You start by chance, by doing some new manual activity, and end up carrying a skein of yarn in your purse to secretly knit as soon as the opportunity arises. Whether it's because of your current designs, or because it targets both beginners and more experienced people, with this incredible crochet guide you'll finally be launching to try one of the most popular traditional hand weaving techniques.

Crochet bases: you will know the basic tools, the most recommended threads and the fundamental point types. From now on the chain, the trapillo and the pixel crochet will become part of your usual vocabulary.

32 projects: choose among 32 creations of all kinds ranging from home accessories such as cushions, baskets or rugs to utensils and accessories such as tablet and mobile covers, evening bags or jewelry.

Step by step instructions: each creation includes a small technical sheet specifying, among other things, the difficulty of preparation and the necessary material. The book uses illustrated instructions, in step-by-step format and in accessible language to show you all the things you can create with the crochet hook. You do not need to be an expert to carry out these projects; With the help of photographs you will be able to succeed even the most complicated designs.

Molla Mills, Finnish designer and weaver, has crochet hooks instead of fingers. Crochet where he can: at the bus stop, in the supermarket queue, in a bar, at a conference ... and, in addition to inheriting the skills of his mother and grandmother for crochet, he has managed to give it such an air modern to his art that has gained great fame in the delcraft world.

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